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Our services

We will undertake Projects with Clients starting from any Stage of the Product Development and Manufacture Process, which may involve:

  • Working with a Client’s Design Team on a Simultaneous Engineering basis
  • Identifying the Facilities required for a new Manufacturing Process or facility
  • Advising on Best Practice solutions for Clients looking to introduce new Materials or Processes to their Facilities
  • Assessing a Client’s Facilities and Processes for opportunities for reducing Costs and improving Efficiency and Flexibility
  • Production process or Quality Problem Solving,
  • Managing a Project on behalf of a Client to implement an agreed solution within the Cost and Timing Constraints specified.

In each case the Techniques used will utilise current Best Practice techniques, and draw on practical Manufacturing and Production Engineering experience gained during almost 40 years in Manufacturing Industry.

Projects may involve working on an Hourly or day rate or on a fixed price basis, and may be based at a Client’s premises or at our own Office facility.

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