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Design for Manufacture

S J Ainsworth Consultancy Ltd has a proven track record in optimising the design of products and assemblies for manufacture.

Initially, this involves using value analysis techniques to reduce the part count and to ensure minimal tooling is required for the assembly.

We will also carry out tolerance analysis to ensure that the tolerances specified are both necessary and achievable, and we will develop a location strategy to ensure that the datums and locations used are relevant to the function of the final assembly, and allow the dimensional integrity of theproduct to be analysed from first principles.

In addition, we will prepare cost estimates for components or assemblies to be used as the basis of a make or buy analysis, or to develop a business case for a product.

We will also carry out an analysis of warranty and spare part sale data to improve the reliability and durability of a product and assembly.

Laser Remote WeldingThe range of services offered include :

  • Value analysis of products and assemblies
  • Design for Manufacture Analysis of new or existing designs
  • Design for Laser Processing
  • Tolerance Stack Reviews
  • Development of Location Strategies
  • Component and Assembly Cost Estimating
  • Fixture, Jig and Tool Design Reviews
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