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Logistics and Lean Manufacturing

LogisiticsS J Ainsworth Consultancy Ltd has a proven track record in applying lean manufacturing best practice techniques to optimise the throughput of a process while minimising the work in progress.

These techniques involve carrying out material handling surveys to ensure that parts are delivered in the right orientation for the process, correctly spaced to allow safe access for either operators or automation, and ergonomically presented for unloading.

These surveys also ensure the parts are delivered in the correct lot size, and that the minimum quantity levels applied are relevant to the process and the delivery support available to ensure the uninterrupted flow of the process.

We will also carry out logistics system reviews and planning to ensure that parts and assemblies are delivered to the correct place in the process at the time they are required.

This may included identifying kit sets for delivery, and the use of KanBan production control techniques.

In addition, we have successfully prepared value stream maps of processes and facilities to show both the current and future states, identifying areas within a system where improvements can be made, and developing plans to implement the necessary change.

The range of services offered include :

  • Material Handling Surveys
  • Logistics Planning
  • Logistics System Reviews
  • Lean Manufacturing Reviews
  • Reduction in Work in Progress
  • Preparation of Current and Future State Value Stream Maps
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