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Production Engineering

We are experts in reviewing and optimising your existing manufacturing processes, or designing and developing a manufacturing process for a new product or assembly, using simultaneous engineering techniques to provide a detailed functional specification and implementation plan.

Our aim of any project we undertake is to minimise both the Recurring Costs (RC) and Non-Recurring Costs (NRC) of each process so that the most cost effective solution is used, optimising the ROI.

The aim of any project we undertake is to ensure the fewest hours per product and the shortest time to delivery with the least number of changeovers, using waste reduction, lean manufacturing and cellular manufacturing best practice techniques, including Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) techniques to minimise changeover times.

We will utilise our expertise to ensure that whatever process is applied is the most efficient for the application, whether manual, automated or a combination of both, and can confirm this using a variety of dynamic simulation software packages.

We have a proven track record in designing and installing automation systems, including robot based systems.

We will also analyse and identify the root cause of manufacturing, production and quality problems, and ensure the recommended solution will allow both an interim containment action to be applied and ensure that the problem is permanently resolved when the recommended solution is actioned.

The range of services offered include :

  • Manufacturing Process Design and Development
  • Lean Manufacturing System Implementation
  • Process Optimisation
  • Cellular Manufacturing Design and Implementation
  • Dynamic Simulation of the Production Process
  • Facility and Factory Layout
  • Manufacturing Problem Resolution
  • Quality Problem Resolution
  • Waste Reduction
  • Cost Saving Programmes
  • Set Up Reduction (including SMED)
  • Automation Systems Specification, Design and Implementation
  • Robot Systems Specification, Design and Implementation
  • Laser System Specification, Design and Implementation
  • Specification of New Systems and Equipment
  • New Material or process Advice
  • Preparation of Equipment or Process Functional Specifications
  • Simultaneous Engineering Exercises
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