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Quality Engineering

Quality EngineeringS J Ainsworth Consultancy Ltd has a proven track record in identifying the root cause of manufacturing, production and quality problems, and ensuring the recommended solution will allow both an interim containment action to be applied, and that the problem is permanently resolved when the recommended solution is actioned.

We have also successfully completed quality improvement programmes involving both the analysis and resolution of recurring quality issues within the manufacturing processes, and the identification and resolution of the causes of rectification requirements, for example eliminating the secondary damage of an assembly by later activities in other, unrelated, processes.

These techniques include the statistical analysis of the dimensions achieved in the manufacturing process to establish the process capability, an analysis of the tolerances applied to ensure these are relevant and necessary for the product, and to ensure that the dimensioning of the product design is compatible with both the location strategy applied and the function of the product.

In addition, we have created and installed warranty systems within manufacturing companies, including processes to review and establish the root cause of the problems identified, and the establishment of techniques to use warranty and spare part sale data to improve the reliability and durability of a product and assembly.

The findings of these various quality reviews will also be written into the relevant procedures and standards for the company to ensure that the lessons learned from the review are consistently and continuously applied.

The range of services offered include :

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Quality System Design and Implementation
  • Warranty System Design and Implementation
  • Quality Improvement programmes
  • Preparation of Procedures and Standards
  • Statistical Analysis of Process Capability
  • Dimensional Analysis
  • Tolerance Reviews
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